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Work Gloves

We are one of the best work gloves manufacturer in China, wholesale work gloves to all over the word. The hands should be protected for safe and clean when we work vary from job to job. Wearing work gloves could prevent exposure to a variety of hazards. Our gloves made of different material type: synthetic leather, cow split leather, etc for high abrasion level combines with breathability, durability and washable performance. Now, we have four main products: safety glove, tools glove, mechanic glove and industrial gloves. The work gloves can be used for below situations: Assembly, Electrician, Equip & operation Gardening, Power tools, Hand tools, Machinists, DIY, Plumbing, Planting, Pruning, Gardening, Logging, Mowing, Branch cleaning, Picking, Scarification, Carpentry, Driver/Delivery, Forestry, Rigging, Extrication/ Search & Rescue, Demolition, Sheet metal, Glass industry, Masonry, Lumbering, Baggage handler, Meadow operation and so on.